How do I place an order? You can reach me at

How do I credit you? Credit is appreciated! Please insert: Cover Designed by Cormar Covers inside the book.

What if I have no idea what I want on my cover? No problem! We'll work together to draft up some ideas that you feel will represent your story the right way before picking a few to turn into mocks.

Legal stuff? I purchase all stock images with licenses for ebook and print use. Also, all fonts used in a design have commercial licenses. Every finished product may be printed for a total of 250,000 copies before the images used must be licensed again. As always, if you have any questions just ask.

Deposits & Refunds No deposit required. I offer a full 100% refund if your satisfaction in the product is not met.

Can I also have the original Photoshop file with my order? I don't provide the original .psd files of my work, because it goes against the image and font license and just not something I like to do.

Can you sell me a premade without the title and author, so I can add it myself? No, I don't sell premades or custom designs without the typography. I make book covers, not photo edits! 

Can I put a premade cover on hold? Yes, I can set a premade cover on hold for a maximum of one week.

I don't have a title, but I know which premade I want. Thats completely fine! You can choose between purchasing the premade with a mock title that I can switch out for you at a later time, or you have the option of putting the premade on hold for one week.

How early do I have to book you for a project? I'm usually pretty good with fast approaching deadlines, but sometimes my workload doesn't allow me to work as quickly as I'd like to. Generally, allow 3-4 weeks before your deadline to email me about your project.

What file sizes do you provide? Final files are 1600 x 2400 pixels in JPEG format for ebook covers. Print designs come in print-ready PDFs. If you need any other sizes or file types, I can provide those as well.


Still have a question not answered on this page? Send me an email at or use the form below. I'd love to anwer any other questions you may have :)

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